06 March 2010

show us your life

On Kelly's Korner the topic for this week is a typical day. I don't usually join in stuff like this, but we get asked a lot about what we actually do. And even after having this job for several years my mom tends to still ask me to explain to her exactly what we do every day.

Here's our normal day (at least for now).

Roger gets up early, I have no idea what time and I usually don't even hear the alarm go off. I tend to wake up around 6:30 and head downstairs to read my Bible. Around 7:15 we start to hear Asher hooting so we get him up and feed him breakfast.

Roger leaves for language school before 8 am and after he leaves Asher and I get started with our day. I try to get the laundry started as early as possible (our laundry line gets the best sun early in the day) and then Asher and I head off for our morning language learning walk. We basically walk all around our part of the city practicing all of the Thai that I know. It isn't a lot, so all of my conversations are pretty short. I usually pick up some Thai iced tea (yummy!) and if I need anything from the store we stop in and shop.

We spend the rest of the morning cleaning and doing stuff around the house. Before Roger gets home I try to get showered and ready for the day.

Roger gets home around lunch time. We usually eat Thai food from a restaurant near our house. Around noon I leave for language school and I get back around 3 pm. While I am gone Asher naps and Roger usually cleans the floors.

After nap time we go up to the park to practice Thai and meet new friends. We stay there until dinner time most nights. A lot of times we get dinner from the food vendors at the park and bring it home with us. The rest of the evening is spent playing outside with water, walking around the neighborhood or just hanging out.

Asher goes to bed at 7:30 pm and then Roger and I don't do much. We read, play on the internet and do our Thai homework. Once a week I go to a local coffee shop to practice Thai and work on homework.

There it is! Right now our job assignment is to learn Thai, so we literally spend all of our time doing that. Of course this will all change next week when our language school schedules change and then it will change a lot more when we finish school.

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Tara said...

I came across your page from Kelly's Korner. We have friends who live in Bangkok. He is the missionary pastor of Banjak (sp?)Baptist Church, Rick and Tammy Salmon. I wonder if you have met them yet or know of them. (I know Bangkok is a very large city and the chances are probably slim). We have visited there several times. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Don't know if you are interested in meeting other American's there, but you will have to look them up...they are a great couple.

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